The role of Kidneys in fecundity and the treatment of infertility

Reins grossesseIn Chinese medicine, in "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" (Huang Di Nei Jing), we read the following:

  • "When a girl reaches the age of 14, the Tian Gui, or "Heavenly water," arrives; the blood in her Chong Mai is sufficient, the Ren Mai flourishes, menstruation begins, and she can conceive."
  • "When a boy reaches the age of 16, his Kidney energy is abundant, the "Heavenly Dew" arrives; the Kidney Essence is exuberant and flowing, and sexual activity can begin."
  • This text mentions "Tian Gui," or "Heavenly Water," which refers to menstrual blood, and "Heavenly Dew," which refers to sperm. In Chinese medicine, menstrual blood and sperm are considered pure fluids because they both come from the Kidney Essence, or Jing, which is the material basis of yin, yang, and Qi (energy), blood and all of bodily fluids.

Therefore, we conclude that strengthening Kidneys is essential for treating infertility in Chinese medicine. Granted, Kidney deficiency is not the only cause for infertility in men or women, but in Chinese energetic medicine, Kidneys play a major role in infertility.

A variety of types of energy imbalance in the internal Organs that can cause infertility can be diagnosed by differentiation of Syndromes.

  • Kidney yin and Liver blood deficiencies, with or without empty heat, including weakness in Chong Mai and Ren Mai meridians.
  • Kidney yang and Kidney Qi deficiency including Du Mai and Chong Mai weakness
  • Liver Qi Stagnation and blood stasis.
  • Shen disturbance (spirit of Heart)
  • Spleen deficiency with weakness of Dai Mai and dampness and damp heat accumulation