The role of Kidneys in fecundity and the treatment of infertility

Reins grossesseIn Chinese medicine, in "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" (Huang Di Nei Jing), we read the following:

  • "When a girl reaches the age of 14, the Tian Gui, or "Heavenly water," arrives; the blood in her Chong Mai is sufficient, the Ren Mai flourishes, menstruation begins, and she can conceive."
  • "When a boy reaches the age of 16, his Kidney energy is abundant, the "Heavenly Dew" arrives; the Kidney Essence is exuberant and flowing, and sexual activity can begin."
  • This text mentions "Tian Gui," or "Heavenly Water," which refers to menstrual blood, and "Heavenly Dew," which refers to sperm. In Chinese medicine, menstrual blood and sperm are considered pure fluids because they both come from the Kidney Essence, or Jing, which is the material basis of yin, yang, and Qi (energy), blood and all of bodily fluids.
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Harmony of Body and Spirit

Article published in « Mot à mot » in laboratoires Motima in september 2011 et introduced in the conference of MEDNAT (natural medecine) in Lausanne on the 2nd April 2011

Reins grossesseChinese energetic medicine focuses on maintaining good health through "the art of nourishing life" rather than on the science of illness. With an emphasis on prediction and prevention, it is more concerned with the patient than the illness. The patient is the energy field in which certain kinds of illness flourish: this is the concept of the seed (illness) and the ground (patient). The symptoms of the illness are the "branches," and the patient's energy field is the "root," acting as an ecosystem that encourages an illness to take hold. Chinese medicine is interested not only in the physiology of the internal Organs, but also in the emotions, psyche, personality, nutrition, hygiene, and lifestyle that make up the patient's cultural and social environment. A balance between the internal Organs Energy and the functional nutrition of our cells is necessary for maintaining harmony between Body and Spirit, which is the secret to sustainable health. A diet based on food energies is essential for "nurturing the Life in the immense secret garden that is the Body."

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The role of Kidneys in fecundity and infertility according to Chinese medicine

Reins grossesseThere are many causes of infertility in men as well as women, but Kidney deficiency remains the principal cause. Kidney plays a fundamental role among the 5 Organs. In the cycle of the Five Elements, it corresponds to Water, and winter, it is the mother of Liver in the Sheng cycle of energy generation. Chinese medicine defines Kidneys as "the Root of life," or "the Candle of Life" because they store the Essence inherited from the parents at conception (innate Jing). Kidneys are the foundation for all the body's yin and yang energies, for the Five Organs, and for the Six Hollow Organs.

What is Jing? « Jing is the quintessence of Energy »

In Chinese medicine, the quintessence is a type of preserved vital energy that has been extracted from a raw material. This quintessential energy (Jing Qi) is a vital energy stored in Kidneys. The character for "Jing" is made up of two parts.

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The influence of emotions on disease and healing, the concepts of energy and psychology according to Chinese medicine

Article published in Santé intégrative n°24, november/december 2011.

Our emotions are our own worst inner enemies. They can make us sick, but can they heal us as well?

What is an emotion according to Chinese medicine? What is the relationship between emotions and good health?

Reins grossesseEmotion is an intense psychical disturbance. It is what people feel as a result of their perception of their own inner reality.

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